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Who we are.

Created by EASTERNPAK, EASTERNPAK The Shop is seeking to respond to the new market demands in this changing marketplace and fulfill the needs of e-commerce businesses. It aims to offer a wide array of standard e-commerce delivery packaging solutions to small and growing businesses who will be able to order small volumes of standard boxes online. The line is a comprehensive solution for small-to medium-sized businesses within the apparel, fashion and home designs, personal care, electronics, and various industries that require standard delivery boxes. The products can determine new online shopping trends while remaining committed to the environment with eco-friendly, recycled and sustainable boxes.

The whole picture

Our corrugated line is the ultimate solution for the E-commerce industry and small to medium-size businesses

Choose standard sizes or customize your own

Want to create an amazing unboxing experience for your product? More and more, we see SMEs investing in custom boxes, packaging sleeves, and even personalized inserts to elevate their customer’s experiences.

Elevate your packaging with printing

With our digital printing offering, you will elevate your customer's experience and add a touch of personality to the products instead of having an extremely common packaging. You can print on all sides of the boxes and even on the inside to help you connect with your customers and stand out among the millions of sellers.

Customize your packaging to your needs

The customizing service at Easternpak the Shop offers fully customize boxes to fit your business needs and allows you to stand out among the rest.

Our environmental commitment

Using eco-friendly, recycled, and sustainable materials, we are fully committed to minimizing our carbon footprint to protect our planet for future generations.

What's next?
What's next?
You, our customers, are our drive and motivation to give more and enrich our portfolio. The future of Easternpak The Shop is promising and exciting. With a better and friendlier website at your fingertips, new seasonal items coming soon, additional new products introduced every month, Easternpak The Shop aims to be your one-stop-shop for all your packaging needs.
Where to find our products
Where to find our products
We try to be close to you and make your packaging hunt easier. That's why we can assist you on whatsapp, instagram. You can also find our products on Noon and Amazon.



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